Thursday, 19 June 2014


While I'm definitely not a big advocate for unnecessary plastic gadgets, I'm all for anything that will help turn a healthy breakfast into a plate of FUN. And these little contraptions fit the mould (sorry, had to be said). Just hard boil some free range eggs, peel, then squash into the mould and leave for a few minutes. Cute!

Eggs are a true superfood - so important for little growing bodies (and big ones too). According to Chris Kresser - "Eggs are one of the most nutrient-dense foods available. One egg provides 13 essential nutrients, all in the yolk (contrary to popular belief, the yolk is far higher in nutrients than the white). Eggs are an excellent source of B vitamins, which are needed for vital functions in the body, and also provide good quantities of vitamin A, essential for normal growth and development. The vitamin E in eggs protects against heart disease and some cancers; eggs also contain vitamin D, which promotes mineral absorption and good bone health. Eggs are rich in iodine, for making thyroid hormones, and phosphorus, essential for healthy bones and teeth." We have eggs most days for breakfast, so I often try to mix it up - these moulds are a great way to involve the kids and add a new spin to an old classic.
You can get them over at Lunchboxes With Love, a website that has lots of Japanese gadgety things that can help inject a bit of fun into a little one's lunchbox (especially useful if you get requests for the usual highly processed 'food' items plastered with licensed characters).

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