Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Sometimes life happens, and the only way lunch is going to appear is out of a box. I gave this brand a whirl recently, and the glad lad gave it the thumbs up. It's certainly not on the cheap side as it retails around $8, but is gluten-free and sugar-free (using xylitol to sweeten), and interestingly also flour-free - it seems to use whey protein instead. The packet makes cupcakes, brownies or cookies - with the addition of some extra ingredients (eggs, butter etc). Not bad for a late night oh-crap-I-don't-have-tomorrow's-school-lunch-sorted meltdown. I have to admit I usually have the base ingredients in my pantry anyway (cocoa, xylitol, whey protein etc) and find making my own cupcakes pretty easy generally (and a whole lot cheaper), but, should the afore-mentioned occasion arise, as it has been known to, having a box of this Chocolate Bake Mix on standby would certainly be a welcome reprieve.

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