Hello! Glad to meet you. I'm Kelley Sheenan - I'm a busy mama with a full life: in 2008 I started a little magazine about 'sustainability, style and substance' called Peppermint (which is now not so little!). I'm fiercely passionate about sustainable and ethical fashion and lifestyle, natural living, mindfulness, healthy eating and happiness and juggle working full-time with trying to successfully raise a young child while keeping us both healthy, happy and calm (spoiler alert: I'm not always successful).

Side Order of Glad was created to document my life and share some photos, insights, experiences, thoughts, recipes and various things. It's my story, my adventures, my choices. They may not be the same as yours, and that's ok. I'm sure we can find something in common. And I'm certain that ultimately we all want the same outcome. I may also get it wrong occasionally (rumour has it I was wrong once before), but life is about learning and growing and changing. It's all part of this beautiful, complicated, messy, exhilarating trip.

I'd be glad if you would join me.

Kelley x

P.S: I'd love to hear from you - all I ask is that you remember that children reside here and to keep all communication respectful, positive and constructive. Any comments deemed to be inappropriate will be removed. Images and text are copyright of Side Order of Glad - please ask before using elsewhere. Thanks!