Thursday, 25 June 2015


Not your usual tuckshop tucker? It's a far cry from the meat pie, cream bun and can of coke I had everyday in high school. I couldn't be more proud of the amazing efforts made by some of my mama friends at our primary school to bring healthy food to our little ones lunch boxes every Tuesday. Sushi, chicken wraps, (hidden veggie) muffins with coconut icing, veg sticks with hummus, fruit, and spelt pizzas - all handmade onsite (except the sushi) by the small tribe of volunteers - even the pizza bases are made from scratch by grinding the spelt in a Thermomix. Seriously. I would love to have been more involved, but my Super Busy Job has not allowed me much time. So my hat goes off to those who have made this happen - may our children continue to be enriched and nourished by your time, energy and lunch box love. Just let me know when the parents can put in their own orders...

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